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Popular Topics

• Vastu Living: Unleash the Positive Power of Space
Learn about the power of space in this interactive overview of vastu. This presentation can be a workshop or lecture with the length determined by the sponsoring organization.

• Space Matters, so do the Matters of Space
Color, the quality of light, even the shape and placement of objects in a room influence our emotional and physical wellbeing. In this presentation, see what happens when we get it wrong; see and feel the difference when we get it right.

• Greenóitís not the trend; itís the solution
The ancient wisdom of vastu understood the great peril that comes from tampering with Mother Nature. What doesnít decompose over time will slowly destroy us and the planet. Learn vastuís logic and simple solutions to improving our health and the health of our endangered environment (this includes the environment within our home and workplace).

• Put Hospitality back into the Hospitality Sector
Every design decision has a predictable outcome. So why do so many hotels, resorts, and spas make so many inhospitable design decisions? Think about the last hotel bedroom where you spent the night. Discover the outcome of design decisions before you build, design, or renovate. Create the calming ambience that leads to guest satisfaction.

• Celebrate the Spirit at the Workplace
No, this is not an oxymoron. Learn how vastu can turn the workplace into a people-friendly environment. Itís easy to create a work atmosphere that honors your employees and clients. And itís fiscally foolish not to do this. Worker productivity, satisfaction, and overall wellbeing increase with vastu, so does the profit line.

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