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Balance = Harmony

Balance = Harmony

Vastu is a sister science of yoga (and ayurveda—the ancient science of well-being and longevity).  Vastu and yoga share the same objective—to establish balance and increase our harmony.  Kathleen Cox calls vastu yoga for the home.

Vastu is macro:  improving the personal environments that surround our body to enhance our wellbeing.  Yoga focuses on the physical body.  When we practice yogic postures to improve our body’s alignment, our rhythmic breathing helps us center ourselves and reduce our stress.  Ayurveda is internal.   Ayurveda helps us balance our bodily systems through proper nutrition and remedies that help us purify our body.


Ayurveda is based on the theory that everything in the universe is made up of five basic elements: space (ether), air, fire, earth and water.  In the human body, these elements combine together in a unique configuration at conception to create the three forces that determine your physical and psychological characteristics.  Your specific configuration defines your dosha, or mind-body type.

Once you know your dosha, you should pay heed to the negative consequences of the principle of like-increases-like.   For example, you don’t want to eat too many foods or follow an exercise program that shares the same properties of your dosha.  Too much sameness can over-stimulate your dosha, slide it into imbalance, and jeopardize your well-being.  This principle of like-increases-like is the ayurveda key to good health.

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