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Inspiring Design

Vastu is the first design science to use the human body as the guiding force in the creation of space. Vedic scholars understood that each design decision sets in motion a predictable consequence that is experienced by the human body. Once we know these predictable consequences, we eliminate the mystery in design.

What are some predictable consequences? The Roman writer Vitruvius, often called the first architect, connected architecture to the human form and inspired DaVinci’s drawing, Vitruvian Man. This drawing shows that the body’s length and breadth, measured with the arms outstretched to the sides of the body, are equal. The human form creates a square, with the navel at the center.

Vastu scholars, who were light years ahead of Vitruvius, not only noted that the body creates a square, but they noted that most features on the human body—eyes, ears, hands, feet—are asymmetric. Our features follow the rule of nature, where nearly every created form, from a rock, leaf, and each cloud in the sky to the earth itself, observes the rule of asymmetry. As a consequence, Vastu scholars realized that the human body actually feels more at ease and more comfortable in asymmetric environments.

Think about it. When was the last time you sat directly in the middle of an empty sofa or sat ramrod straight with your feet planted squarely on the floor? Yet most of us are fixated on letting symmetry dominate our interior decors, even though symmetry isn’t appealing to the body and sometimes it's not even appealing to the eye.

Or consider the consequence of circular and square-based shapes. The circular bed vanished because the body could never orient itself; the result was restlessness, not sleep. Circles and ovals trigger movement. Try to apply make-up or shave in front of a circular mirror. It’s hard. Squares and rectangles represent static energy. They're grounding, and anchor us in a room. Vastu Living pays attention to this distinction when we help clients select tables, rugs, and mirrors for their interiors. Predictable consequences accompany each choice.

Colors also create predictable consequences. Each color in the visible spectrum creates a specific vibration; and each vibration triggers its own definable emotional and physical human reaction once it is introduced into the environment. Vastu Living pays attention to these consequence when we introduce color into a space.

Ultimately, Vastu Living carefully considers the impact of every design decision on the human body. We never surrender control of the ambience in an interior environment.

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