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Improving Health

We are living in a stressful age. Many of us have been hobbled or clobbered by the global recession and its unpredictable effect on our future wellbeing. Most of us aknowledge our stress and believe that it's attached to all the global turmoil. We also see how our stress affects us and our personal relationships. But there is another frequent cause of discomfort in our lives--one that often slips by us, unnoticed.

If you walk into your home and it doesn't feel the slightest bit welcoming or if you come home and find it difficult to unwind, something's wrong with this place you call home. The home is often another source of personal stress--sometimes serious stress when you are surrounded by stuff we call clutter.

If you go to your job and feel unconnected to your workspace or if you need cup after cup of coffee to feel stimulated, then your work environment is also a source of stress.

The human body is programmed to handle a certain amount of tension and anxiety. But too many of us now live in a state of chronic stress, which makes us candidates for strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, sexual dysfunction (including infertility and miscarriage), anxiety disorders and depression. Chronic stress is linked to at least three of the top 10 causes of death: heart disease, strokes, and suicide. So if you accept the commonly held belief that stress is an unavoidable part of life, you are dancing with danger.

By following the principles of vastu, Vastu Living designs spaces that honor our needs and protect us from harm, including the harm that comes from stress.

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