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Living Green

Most of us embrace ecology and holism and the need to protect our earth. We go green. We avoid non-biodegradable products; we recycle, we conserve. We do our best to protect the environment.

But it seems that most of us donít grasp the total meaning of these two words, ecology and holism. Because if we believe in the holistic "oneness" that exists in everything around us, then why donít we extend this belief to our own oneness with everything else--and protect ourselves from harm as well?

Instead, we bring environmentally harmful toxins into our interior environments. Consider Volatile Organic Compounds (commonly called VOCs). These are chemicals that release harmful vapors. We worry about VOCs seeping into the air and the groundwater--and demand their proper disposal. At the same time, we casually bring VOCs, concealed inside decor products, right into our homes and workspaces.

Formaldehyde is a danger and an example. It's a VOC that's often found in the glue used to install wall-to-wall carpets; it's also frequently found in the glue that creates laminates, particle boards and other wood products. Like so many VOCs, formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, exists inside many interior environments.

Think about paints, stains, and other finishes that we put on floors, walls, and furniture. Many of these products contain high levels of VOCs that are carcinogenic and neurotoxic. Most of us think we've solved the problem by throwing open the windows for ventilation. But toxins from VOCs linger long after we close these windows.

Home-based VOCS are so prevalent that an Environmental Protection Agency study based on six American communities determined that the level of VOCs was 10 times higher indoors than outdoors.

No surprise that cancer is on the rise, along with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Vastu Living believes that what is bad for the environment is bad for us. This thorough application of holism defines our company's philosophy. We consider it our responsibility to promote the use of healthy natural products to create healing and nurturing environments that respect all creation--including ourselves.

This is the heart and impetus behind Vastu Living.

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