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About the Founder

Kathleen Cox Kathleen Cox is a highly-respected vastu consultant, author, and speaker who has been working with vastu since 1997. She is the author of Vastu Living, the first book on vastu published in North America and a One-Spirit Book Club selection. She has also written The Power of Vastu Living and The Vastu Living Pocket Guide to Good Health. Her latest book, Space Matters, which was published in October 2007, was selected by USA Today as one of the five best home decor books of the year.

Kathleen received her formal study of vastu while living for eight years in New Delhi, where she worked with Vedic scholars and architects who shared with her the subtle interpretive elements of vastu. As a vastu consultant, she works with architects, landscape artists, interior designers, and individual clients to incorporate vastu design principles into their homes and business environments. In 2003, she designed the first vastu inn in North America, the popular Annex Quest House in Toronto, Canada. She also served as the vastu consultant for a Hindu temple scheduled for construction in Thailand. In addition, she has also worked ont he design of numerous homes that incorporate green construction enhanced by the philosophy of vastu.

Kathleen, who shares her knowledge of vastu in articles, speeches, and training curriculum, has been interviewed extensively in the media, including over 400 articles in newspapers and magazines worldwide. She conducts seminars and workshops on Vastu Living at interior design conventions, design centers, and holistic centers throughout America. She has two accredited courses on vastu that are available to interior design professionals through the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Kathleen also offers one-on-one individualized courses on vastu for designers and others who want to incorporate vastu into their design practice or personal environments. See Announcements under News for details.

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