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In Space Matters, Kathleen Cox—working with 11 other designers, including Sarah Susanka and Clodagh, who are all adept in the green architecture and "home as sanctuary" movements—presents her modern adaptation of vastu's age-old wisdom. The text, with its gorgeous photos, shows how every design decision triggers a predictable response—from the choice of color and lighting to the selection of materials and actual shape and placement of objects. Did you know, for example, squares and circles affect us differently and affect our mood in a room? By identifying these critical responses, Space Matters unravels the mysteries in the design process. Readers are empowered. They learn how to create a cherished home that is healthy and nourishing. Hardcover 176 pages; 119 illustrations.

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"Educational, inspirational, and totally actionable, this book is a holistic blueprint for making your home the haven it should be. There's no way to read this and still ignore those unpacked boxes in the corner!" —Zöe Wolff, features director, domino.

"Many people design and decorate beautiful homes, but what's often lacking in these dwellings is soul. Kathleen Cox gently guides readers on how to create elegant interiors that embody a philosophy of health and harmony with nature. Space Matters will help you bring your home to life and uncover its innate vitality—regardless of your budget." —Laurel Kallenbach, senior editor, Natural Home.

"This book is not just another showcase for architects and interior designers. It is a book about how you can manifest what really matters to you in your life and how your home becomes a reflection of those core values. Kathleen Cox has simplified the process by focusing on five fundamental design principles derived from the ancient Indian science of vastu, which guide you mindfully through this maze to ensure that your home truly celebrates and nourishes your unique spirit." —Kathryn Arnold, editor-at-large for Yoga Journal and creative director of the Life Balance Institute.

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The Power of Vastu Living is a comprehensive, in-depth guide that focuses on the practice of vastu in a wide-range of interior environments from the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom to the company cubicle, boutique, and doctor's office. There are also numerous illustrations of the author's westernized concept of the Hindu prayer room, which Kathleen Cox calls the Zone of Tranquility, a personalized area of focus in a home or workspace that speaks to the heart and nurtures the soul. 400 pages; 99 illustrations. 

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"Finally there's a book that reveals the wonderful mysteries of vastu, and enables us to create an oasis that celebrates the beauty of nature and ourselves." –Christy Turlington, model and founder of Sundari.

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Use The Vastu Living Pocket Guide to Good Health, which is based on ayurveda, the India science of wellness and longevity, to determine your mind-body type or dosha.  Then follow the healthy lifestyle that matches your dosha.  Learn what foods to eat and to avoid, how to adjust your diet for the seasons, which exercise program is best for you, and how to design a healthy bedroom and workspace.  The guide has a color-coded format that makes it easy to use, and its laminated surface is extremely durable.  The pocket guide opens up to 21-inches in length, then easily collapses to a size that fits into your pocket, backpack, hand bag.  Take it when you shop for food, eat out, and head off for the gym. 

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Vastu Living, the first book on vastu published in the United States, introduces a modern adaptation created specifically for the contemporary Western lifestyle. Vastu Living: Creating A Home For The Soul introduces the philosophy behind this ancient science and shows how to practice Vastu Living in the home, office, and even the garden. 247 pages; 58 illustrations.  
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 “Where shall I begin with the praises due this book?  Vastu Living breaks new ground in many ways: It is the first book on vastu to offer an easy, hands-on method of bringing natural beauty, balance, and serenity to your home, apartment, office or other structure. This is also the first vastu book to utilize ayurveda as a practical method of molding your personal vastu living and working spaces. Vastu Living offers something for everyone-history, culture, science, spirituality, healing, and everything you need to fully implement vastu into your life, including do-it-yourself floor plans.  Vastu Living teaches you how to create heaven on earth in your own home and office. I highly recommend this book to all people looking for more health, peace and serenity in their lives.”  - from Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha, author of The Ayurveda Encyclopedia and founder and director of the Ayurveda Holistic Center and School of Ayurvedic Sciences in Bayville, New York

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