from The Power of Vastu Living

Too often companies treat the presence of nature at the workplace as an afterthought.  Yet nature and organic products are indispensable in the business environment. Our connection to nature is so visceral that nature has the power to elevate our mood and attitude, which, in turn, improves our work performance. And when nature is absent, the workplace feels sterile and impersonal–an environment in which machinery holds sway.

In your practice of vastu living, let nature greet everyone the second he or she enters the reception area of your company, and encourage the presence of nature inside each individual workspace. If there are windows with adequate sunlight or decent overhead lighting, display plants in every common area.  Help them flourish with adequate care. They will bless your company with their beauty.

If your company lacks natural sunlight, add bouquets of fresh or dried flowers, wood or rattan wastebaskets and glass containers, any products from the world of nature. Celebrate natural floor coverings, such as tiles, wood, bricks, rugs of cotton, wool, silk, or inexpensive grasses.  Everyone from your employees to your clients and customers feels more comfortable in a space that acknowledges our universal interdependence and interconnection to nature.

It is just as important to encourage everyone to honor the self at work–its unique identity.  Let your office serve as the example and celebrate the connection that exists between you and your loved ones by displaying pictures or mementos that are visible reminders of the other people in your life.  Their presence swirling around your workspace reminds you of your good fortune.  Or reveals a favorite hobby or passion.  If you love vintage cars, park a few miniature replicas on a prominent shelf.  If you love antiques, incorporate this interest into your decor. Let your visitors get a sense of your inner self even when they are perfect strangers. They feel more at ease when they are with you, and this is often the foundation to a successful work relationship.                                          

(From The Power of Vastu Living by Kathleen Cox. Copyright 2002 by Kathleen Cox.  Reprinted by permission of Fireside, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.  Available wherever books are sold.)

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