from Space Matters

We create a home with our heart and our soul. They tell us how to proceed. Our heart and our soul take the lead in design, not our eyes.

We all want our house or apartment to be welcoming and appealing—a place where we love to be. Yet for many of us, that dream home remains elusive. When forced to make a decision about décor, we struggle to articulate what we want and end up speaking in vague terms about preferring this color or that, this style of sofa or that type of window treatment. Most of us get rattled because we try to identify our needs solely in terms of the visual—we tend to think with our eyes.

Yes, it is perfectly appropriate to long for an attractive home, but this should be merely one part of the objective. The successfully designed home does much more than please the eye. The ideal home is viscerally appealing. It satisfies emotionally and physically, even spiritually.

So how to create this place? First, it is necessary to identify the underlying yet tangible feelings associated with the home. We need to think about what home means to us and what we want it to do. Only then is it possible to fully appreciate the extraordinary importance of this special place.

We also need to understand the inherent power connected to every space surrounding us. A home can make us feel good, or out of sorts. It has a direct bearing on our state of well-being. And because space is so inherently powerful, it’s important to learn to use it effectively to create a place that connects to us, deeply.

(From Space Matters by Kathleen Cox. Copyright 2007 by Kathleen Cox. Reprinted by permission of Stewart, Tabori & Chang, division of Abrams.  Available wherever books are sold.)

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