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Look around your home and your workspace. Do these spaces, where you spend so much time, connect to you and your family—or to your organization and your clients? Do they make you feel comfortable or do you feel disconnected—ill-at-ease because of their lack of welcome and warmth?

The design of too many homes, companies, hotels, hospitals, and most public facilities ignore the power of space: its ability to create a negative or positive impact on us. Think of how you feel in a crowded subway—how it can put you on the defensive or make you withdraw. Think of how you feel when you take a walk in the woods. Nature's calming influence inspires you. It turns you inward and, literally, puts you in spirit. A ride in the subway, a walk in the woods—two very different environments prove the intrinsic power connected to every space.

Vastu Living uses the ancient wisdom of vastu to design interiors that take positive advantage of the power of space. We create healthy environments that make you feel welcomed, respected, and at ease.

Welcome to Vastu Living.

We've moved! Formerly in New York City, Vastu Living is now located in leafy, tranquil Shaker Heights, Ohio. We have a new number 216-280-9805. Our excellent service remains the same.
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